But How True Are They?

You’ve been thinking about your job lately, and you’re starting to wonder if it’s time for a change. Maybe there’s a higher paying job out there that you are qualified for. Maybe you want to make a complete career change because your passions are different now. Or perhaps you just can’t stand the weird smell... Continue Reading →

The Why…

Q: What’s the “why” behind Be Gallant? What’s the motivation and purpose behind it? A: I believe that if a person is given the opportunity to advance themselves or their conditions in a way that is responsible, inspiring, and productive, they will. Unfortunately, that’s not always an option that readily presents itself to everyone. Be... Continue Reading →

New Service Alert, Art and Leadership!

Art and Leadership: Reframing your Lead ($100+): Leadership is a complex concept, but there are many ways to be a successful leader. Learn more about the art of leadership through a painting seminar where you will be guided through the process of creating your personalized image. Price starts at $100 for groups of ten (10)... Continue Reading →

Computer Science and Me

Computer Science and I. I and Comp Sci. Good grief. I remember when I first started my computer science journey in my first year at UC Santa Barbara. Not only did I not know how to code at all, I didn't even know what computer science was. All I knew was it was an already booming field within the science and engineering realm, and that it meant I'd be taking lots of coding, math, and even physics courses: "Sounds hard. Sounds cool."

New Service Alert, Mock Interview Package!

Mock Interview Package ($150): Now that you're ready for the next step in your process, get prepared to have an amazing interview. Get one mock interview based on the position description you provide and a post-mock interview consultation and assessment PER INTERVIEW ROUND! Mock interviews will be conducted via Skype or in-person (if local). Contact... Continue Reading →


Cryptography is essentially the science of making messages secure. It has been employed to various degrees and contexts for centuries, and is a major subfield in the realm of computer science. Cryptocurrencies are cryptographically protected digital currencies, most of which are peer-to-peer (p2p), decentralized, and secured via the revolutionary blockchain technology. There are thousands of... Continue Reading →

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