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"...Learn to see your interview as an opportunity to get ahead in your process, instead of the point in the process where you can no longer hide from your would-be employers. Every question is an opportunity, not an attack." Comment/Reply for the full PDF version of the Be Gallant Interview guide for FREE! #BeGallant #BeIsMe #giveaway #free

The Good, the Bad, and the Gallant

Professional editors. You probably wonder if working with one is really worth it. Is it? Can a professional editor be so helpful that it’s worth paying them to help you with, say, a resume? Are they actually helpful? Didn’t I edit my own stuff in high school or college? Wait, is this a thing? Do people ACTUALLY pay for that kind of service? It turns out that the truth is, yes, they do. But is it worth it? ...

But How True Are They?

You’ve been thinking about your job lately, and you’re starting to wonder if it’s time for a change. Maybe there’s a higher paying job out there that you are qualified for. Maybe you want to make a complete career change because your passions are different now. Or perhaps you just can’t stand the weird smell... Continue Reading →

The Why…

Q: What’s the “why” behind Be Gallant? What’s the motivation and purpose behind it? A: I believe that if a person is given the opportunity to advance themselves or their conditions in a way that is responsible, inspiring, and productive, they will. Unfortunately, that’s not always an option that readily presents itself to everyone. Be... Continue Reading →

New Service Alert, Art and Leadership!

Art and Leadership: Reframing your Lead ($100+): Leadership is a complex concept, but there are many ways to be a successful leader. Learn more about the art of leadership through a painting seminar where you will be guided through the process of creating your personalized image. Price starts at $100 for groups of ten (10)... Continue Reading →

Computer Science and Me

Computer Science and I. I and Comp Sci. Good grief. I remember when I first started my computer science journey in my first year at UC Santa Barbara. Not only did I not know how to code at all, I didn't even know what computer science was. All I knew was it was an already booming field within the science and engineering realm, and that it meant I'd be taking lots of coding, math, and even physics courses: "Sounds hard. Sounds cool."

New Service Alert, Mock Interview Package!

Mock Interview Package ($150): Now that you're ready for the next step in your process, get prepared to have an amazing interview. Get one mock interview based on the position description you provide and a post-mock interview consultation and assessment PER INTERVIEW ROUND! Mock interviews will be conducted via Skype or in-person (if local). Contact... Continue Reading →


Cryptography is essentially the science of making messages secure. It has been employed to various degrees and contexts for centuries, and is a major subfield in the realm of computer science. Cryptocurrencies are cryptographically protected digital currencies, most of which are peer-to-peer (p2p), decentralized, and secured via the revolutionary blockchain technology. There are thousands of... Continue Reading →

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