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To be gallant is to be brave. Navigating the path to your goals takes courage because it requires you to step outside of your comfort zone and challenge yourself, and that can be a difficult task. Be Gallant seeks to empower people–especially those of marginalized identities–to be their best selves. Through professional and career development and preparation services, Be Gallant builds relationships that unearth and develop the skills and potential people from all backgrounds already possess. Everything centers around empowering people and communities to overcome barriers to career and professional fulfillment. You deserve to be brave!

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I’m Brandon Johnson, and I’m a Certified Professional Career Coach hailing from Southern California. My goal is to empower people, especially those of marginalized identities to find agency in their lives and become their best selves. As a freelance coach, I’ve worked with all kinds of clients from all kinds of backgrounds–college students, recent retirees, non-native English speakers, chemists, business professionals…the list goes on! Working as a career coach has exposed me to all sorts of client scenarios, and I truly enjoy the process of working with each person to develop a strategy that helps them achieve their goals. Through targeted question asking, strategic thinking and action, and genuine support, I’ll help you identify ways to take the next step on your journey.

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