B|G Connections

What’s a B|G Connection? B|G Connections are manifestations of a crucial aspect of the Be Gallant mission: Responsible and brave self-improvement. They form the framework of the Be Gallant community, contributing to the wealth of information and experience of the network. B|G Connections form Clusters based on their passion area(s), giving them access to other people with similar experiences and interests. As a Connection and member of your Cluster, you’ll have access to conversations, information about opportunities and experiences related to your passion areas, and and the opportunity to welcome new Cluster Connections. Some of the OTHER benefits of becoming a B|G Connection include:
-20% discounts on all Be Gallant services
-Advance notice of upcoming Be Gallant service sales
-A community of people with similar passions
-Peer accountability for intentional self- and co-development around your passion area(s)
I really want this to be about your passions, though–not just what you do for a living. Know what I mean? If you work in Education, but one of your passions is designing things, you’re empowered to join as a design Connection….or a gardening Connection. Whatever you want!

Comment or message me if interested!

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