But How True Are They?

You’ve been thinking about your job lately, and you’re starting to wonder if it’s time for a change. Maybe there’s a higher paying job out there that you are qualified for. Maybe you want to make a complete career change because your passions are different now. Or perhaps you just can’t stand the weird smell that permeates your work environment. Whatever your reason is, one thing is for sure: People change jobs all the time for any number of reasons, ultimately hoping the grass is indeed greener on the other side.

But consider this. One of the most common sources for why people opt for a new signature on their paycheck is poor relational health in the workplace. Lack of communication. Can’t stand the supervisor. There’s no trust. Appreciation is few and far between. Unfair or biased treatment. These things each serve as evidence that there may be a disconnect in the relational arena of the workplace, and if left unchecked they will quite possibly lead to unhappiness and employee turnover. Wanna know a secret? Employee turnover is expensive in more than just one way, but so is employee unhappiness. Why? Because low morale isn’t usually an isolated experience, and morale tends to have a positive correlation with productivity. Low morale usually equals low productivity. The point is no one wants poor relational health in the workplace–not employees/group members, not supervisors/group leaders.

I’m here to tell you that True Colors will not solve all your workplace problems. There, I said it. Feels really good. But here’s what it will do:

  • Increase understanding of yourself and others
  • Generate appreciation for differences
  • Inspire more productive collaboration and problem solving
  • Build communication skills
  • Identify strengths within your environment

These things are helpful. The presence of these aspects will lay the foundations for a productive and high morale environment. If you want to increase your satisfaction on the job, or that of your co-workers and employees, this is a good place to start.

Contact me for details.

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