Computer Science and Me

Computer Science and I. I and Comp Sci. Good grief.

I remember when I first started my computer science journey in my first year at UC Santa Barbara. Not only did I not know how to code at all, I didn’t even know what computer science was. All I knew was it was an already booming field within the science and engineering realm, and that it meant I’d be taking lots of coding, math, and even physics courses: “Sounds hard. Sounds cool.” So there I was, sitting in Buchanan Hall doing my absolute best impersonation of a guy who already knew what for loops are, what a compiler is, and that Python was a coding language. I was basically trying to be classmates. All of them. Or at least somewhat like them in a “Yeah, I definitely know what’s going on here…just like you” kinda way. It was a great time (//end sarcasm).

The funny thing is that it actually was a great time. It was a spectacularly hard time. Not necessarily that class in Buchanan Hall, but the process of learning actual foreign languages and the MANY other things that make up computer science–a world I’d known literally nothing of just a short time before. I hated it, but I loved it. I mean, who wants to sit around building functions and modules and programs (oh my!) in Python or C++ or Java or HTML? Well, it turns out it’s actually pretty cool.

I stepped away from it for a couple years, but I thought about diving back in countless times. I kept putting it off for a multitude of reasons, though. Until recently. So here I am, back at it with the first coding language I ever learned: Python. I’m excited.

Hey, you! Wanna learn some basic coding stuff? Stick around. I’ll provide you with some demos and walkthroughs over on the Tech page soon…

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