Money Energy, Pt. 1: I Have a Personal Question for You…

I'm not here to provide my take on the merits of these things, or my thoughts on the state of the U.S. job market, or even a rebuttal to a Boomer's accusation that millennials generally lack grit--perhaps some other time. I'm here to talk about the relationship between young adults and money.

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Find a New Career Path…but How?!

Do you remember that one question literally all of us were asked when we were kids? You know, the one that went something like: “So, what do you wanna be when you grow up?” It’s almost a rite of passage — the first official step everyone has to take on the long winding road to... Continue Reading →

Sh*t Rappers Taught Me

When I was growing up, my older brother was really into hip hop. So of course, I got really into it at a pretty young age. As I got older, I started to realise that rap is more than just rhythm, profanity, and bravado — there’s artful lyricism, there’s history, there’s economics. I don’t need... Continue Reading →

Money Energy Project, Ep.1

A while back I wrote an article about the awkward and perhaps even tense relationship between young adults and their money (or lack thereof). That led me to a good convo with someone who sparked a really cool idea--make a video series about all the untalked about money taboos for young people and then post... Continue Reading →

Ever Been Tired?

I played sports a lot growing up. Although basketball was by far my favorite, and still is, the biggest lesson I learned from a sport came from cross country. I took up cross country by joining my middle school team over the summer going into 7th grade. It was August, which meant it was the... Continue Reading →

B|G Connections

What's a B|G Connection? B|G Connections are manifestations of a crucial aspect of the Be Gallant mission: Responsible and brave self-improvement. They form the framework of the Be Gallant community, contributing to the wealth of information and experience of the network. B|G Connections form Clusters based on their passion area(s), giving them access to other... Continue Reading →

Interview Guide

"...Learn to see your interview as an opportunity to get ahead in your process, instead of the point in the process where you can no longer hide from your would-be employers. Every question is an opportunity, not an attack." Comment/Reply for the full PDF version of the Be Gallant Interview guide for FREE! #BeGallant #BeIsMe #giveaway #free

The Good, the Bad, and the Gallant

Professional editors. You probably wonder if working with one is really worth it. Is it? Can a professional editor be so helpful that it’s worth paying them to help you with, say, a resume? Are they actually helpful? Didn’t I edit my own stuff in high school or college? Wait, is this a thing? Do people ACTUALLY pay for that kind of service? It turns out that the truth is, yes, they do. But is it worth it? ...

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